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Career Egypt Gas Services Co. (CEGSCO).

was established in 2009 on the activity of (Suppliers, Services, Freight Forwarder & Logistics). After the effort and challenge and the spirit of perseverance our business has been expensed in several sectors even included activities such as work and implementation of thermal insulation maintenance, civil construction, Road paving and maintenance, Scaffolding Services, Rental of the heavy Equipment  Acts of thermal resistance and industrial dyes and many activities that serve the petrochemical plants and petroleum refineries. However, On the transport level is your partner in reliability, who is familiar with your wishes in many sectors: Time, quality, vital importance and on time delivery under the safety condition.

CEGSCO. that primarily provides land transportation, Storage, inland complete or partial distribution.

CEGSCO. Has developed a range of skills beyond standard trucking transport We can engage with our customers to develop logistics, so its prides itself on its ability to transform a customers logistics challenge into an innovative resolution.

CEGSCO. applies advanced operational and technological approaches to all of our offering. this enables us to provide services that are SAFE, RELIABLE, and as FLEXIBLE, as your production needs.

CEGSCO. enable to transport any type of commodity in dry or liquid bulk. We utilize Tanker, bulk trailers, flat beds, specialized trailers and also transport specialized load  all equipped with the industry’s most advanced safety and communications technology.

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 178 Gamal abd elnasser S.T

      Sidi bishr – Alexandria - Egypt