Our customer care team is here to ensure providing our clients with the most effective and efficient service in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction levels as we consider our clients a very important ally.

Customer Care Objectives :

1- Review the periodic operation reports.

2- Identify cause of delay.

3- Sufficient corrective actions.

4- Communicate with clients for any delay or problems may occur.

5- Record customer complaints, follow it up and achieve a reduction in number of future complaints.

6- Evaluate customer satisfaction periodically, and improve rating.

7- Reduce average time for resolving customer issues. 

Satisfied Customers


Customer service

Management commitment towards clients :

CEGESCO management committed to effectively apply continuous enhancements on  its quality assurance system by :

1- Stabilizing the importance of customer satisfaction concept, taking into consideration following the company's policies and the Egyptian regulations.

2- Develop and apply the company's quality policy.

3- Determine the quality goals for all department and apply it.

4- ensure providing enough resource to activate the quality system.

5- periodic revision on the quality assurance system within the organization.

6- Determine the customer's requirements clearly and accurately and assist them in that and when work to achieve those requirements so as to ensure the maximum degree of satisfaction . communicate customers for any delay or problems or any changes may happen during operation and send all required reports,documents .

7- periodic customer satisfaction assessment and analyze the results of this assessment and take this analyses into account when developing systems to improve and enhance services .   

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